These two samples are from a video series I have produced for the State of Oregon, released from April-July 2023.  The video collection highlights Oregon's National Monuments via 2-minute episodes and 60 second shorts.  Aside from the raw interview footage, all else I authored in Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, After Effects, and Vegas Pro for embedding into the State web sites and infusion to their social media platforms.  It is an honor to serve up these morsels.
And then there are 'SHORTS'
The video here is created specifically for Instagram and YouTube, and is one of several to offer the series via social media platforms.
Planning for mobile is required as there are spacing and interface boundaries to be mindful of.
This video is fully conformed to work on all devices regardless of the content provider.  Oh, and it MUST be under a minute...the whole point of 'SHORTS'

The message of Make it Holy is perfectly given in this short presentation authored in Adobe Animate + Illustrator.

This slide deck lyric presentation was authored in PowerPoint 365 + Vegas.  The lyric "My heart's one desire - to be holy" is close to my heart (actually tattooed on my arm).  Track written and performed by Brian Doerksen (used by permission).
NOTE: Some mobile browsers do not support sound in Adobe Portfolio.  If you do not hear the music please open this YouTube link


This project was authored in PowerPoint for a company presentation, and repurposed segments of the catalog and industry-wide marketing I had created under contract.

To better inform the homebuyers market on the advantages of energy efficiency, I created these videos and promoted them on social channels including YouTube and Facebook.  All videography, graphics, script writing, effects, and Vegas editing was mine to do.

Thanks to Envato for the stock footage segment and to Christy Bowen for the voice talent.


This project is here temporarily for review by Jesus Culture.
Why?  Because there is nothing quite as sweet as ‘Fortunate Cookies’ with the promises of God inside! 
Take these promises and feed His sheep.

Design, layout, photography and illustration by Jeffery Plummer
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