There have been so many logos created for clients that I am stumped where to pull from.  So, here are a few pulled at random, as well as what I have done with the branding and theme of design.
I endeavor to use my design skills as a tool for communication, to bring visual information where it needs to be taken in – one person at a time, regardless of where we are on the path.
For "Make it Holy," I created a simple and easily recognizable logo using text and background imagery. I obtained trademark registration and GTIN UPC barcodes for all instances, then developed and launched a website using Dreamweaver. In May 2024, California was added to the list of locations served.
I deliver mission collateral in person throughout Oregon and California using yard signs, die-cut stickers, t-shirts, and themed rack cards. All layouts and materials are sent for printing and then batched in-house at Plummer Design.
legacy client logo designs
Design, layout, photography and illustration by Jeffery Plummer
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