The audience is out there, but one has to reach them where they are.  I have designed direct mail campaign materials, door to door canvassing items, social media collateral, zone-specific newspaper display ads, billboards, TV spots, magazine features, and web-based click through banners.  The project samples shown here are all from the real estate and new home construction sector.  Why these?  A home is typically the most expensive purchase people make.  To sell them requires savvy design and marketing chops.  More so than lavender oil I believe.
We live in an era of waning interest for newspaper copy.  I was pressing for web-based marketing starting in 2005, as it lasted longer than 1-day on the news stand.  And it was more affordable too.  Today, Google Ads offer the ability to track the audience and see who and where the clicks come from.  The image here is from one of many such campaigns all along the West Coast
Design, layout, photography and illustration by Jeffery Plummer
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